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Press Release: Afrakan Queen Mothers Speak - ALD 2015

Afrakan Queen Mothers Speak on Afrakan Unity, Liberation, Reparations & Respect May 25, 2015—African Liberation Day

Nubiart Diary - Arab Spring & Racism in Israel (1)

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan world

Nubiart Diary - West Afrikan Ebola Update (2)

A Different Perspective on the Afrikan world

Don’t call me coloured: Euromacists & the ‘right’ to offend (13)

Toyin Agbetu explains the problems of using odious terms and explores the issue of talking racist, casting racism and being racist.

Nubiart diary - Selma Review & Freedom of Speech (3)

A different perspective on the Afrikan World


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