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Press: ‘Beyond Nollywood’ Charts Nigerian Film Future

The BFI Southbank are set to launch Author Nadia Denton’s Nigerian Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Beyond Nollywood, a ground breaking reference manual about Africa’s most dynamic film industry.

Broadcasters justify whitewash of historic African events (6)

Channel 4 and the BBC defend their decision to deliberately exclude historic BCA launch & Reparations March from the news agenda. Both media institutions are public funded broadcasters with a duty to represent minority audiences & alternative viewpoints.

Anger grows as Barbican ignores calls to withdraw human zoo (4)

A petition organised by Sister Sar’z Myers calling for the public to #boycottthehumanzoo has been launched following the decision of the Barbican to support and profit from “Edinburgh’s most controversial Show Exhibit B- The Human Show”.

Nubiart Diary - UNIA-ACL Centenary Lecture

A different perspective on the Afrikan world

PASCF Statement on Reparations Owed to Afrikan people

Following the historic London Reparations March from Brixton to 10 Downing Street organised by the Rastafari Movement in Britain on 1st August 2014, the PASCF states The Capitalists, the Working Class and the Trade Union Movement all owe Reparations


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