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Nyansapo In service to our family, with the spirit of our Ancestors.


Ligali is a community funded organisation. The cost of our expenses, websites, radio station, community projects and printed/audio visual resources are met by family and friends.

There are many ways in which you can support Ligali but to maintain our independence and integrity our core service needs to remain non government funded. You can help us by making a regular monthly donation and supporting our community resources by obtaining and promoting our DVD's and books.

Please donate whatever you can afford, in order to recoup development costs and fund future projects we suggest a minimum of £10 for most items and add only enough to cover charges for materials, postage and packaging.

Ligali Community Resources
Ukweli and Revoetry by Toyin Agbetu Imagination by Infinity Agbetu
Ukweli - A Political and Spirtual Basis for Pan Africanism
Revoetry - Poems from an African British Perspective Imagination - A collection of short stories, poems and essays
Imagination by Infinity Agbetu    

The Manual: The Rules for Men - A Guide to Sex and Relationships (Contains adult themes)

Ligali DVD Resources


"I have ceased a long time ago to exist as an individual. The ideals, the political goals that I stand for, those are the ideals and goals of the people in this country… Whatever they do to me, they do to the people in this country… When they send me into exile, it’s not me as an individual they are sending. They think that with me they can also ban the political ideas. But that is a historical impossibility.”

Nomzamo Winifred Madikizela

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