Racist football fan banned after using n word

By The Ligali Organisation | Wed 3 February 2010

A Sunderland football fan was banned from attending club matches after assaulting an African woman with racist abuse

John Davison, 26, was prosecuted after using the n word as Shirley Bent, the mother of footballer Darren Bent walked past him on the way to watch her son play for Sunderland at Wigan Athletic.

Davison apologised after she confronted him with Police officials even claiming the England forward was one of his favourite players and that he would get a tattoo of him on his arm.

Footballer: Darren Bent

Guilty of racially aggravated behaviour

He pleaded guilty at Wigan magistrates court to using threatening words or behaviour in a racially aggravated manner and was banned from games for three years. He was also fined £170 and ordered to pay Mrs Bent £50 compensation. The club has revoked his season ticket for the year.

Racist: John Davison

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