Opinion: How Starkey led the rise of neo-racism in Britain

By Toyin Agbetu | Sat 20 August 2011

The ‘respectable’ new face of Neo-Racism: Damian Thompson, David Cameron PM, Cllr Bob Frost, David Starkey OBE

Toyin Agbetu shares his views on how David Starkey’s infamous rant has led to an increase of racist attacks upon African people in the British media

It started with the racist comments from historian David Starkey whose attack on African culture included a focus on Jamaican patois which he described as a “wholly false” language.

However whilst many condemned his diatribe of venomous ideologue others such as the Tory Dover District Councillor Bob Frost sympathised with the sentiment and was encouraged to openly feed Britain’s growing anti-African culture.

Whilst on holiday in Italy, Dover decided to write on the social networking site Facebook about the recent English riots. Starting with a dig at the presence of Africans and other non-europeans in the UK he wrote on his status;
“I'm missing the vibrant and multi-cultural society which I normally celebrate here in Sicily! Not!”

Yet seemingly not content with this and emboldened to go further he then remarked “All the bunnies here [in Italy] are of the woodland variety rather than the jungle” in reference to African people living in communities within London.

This assault is not an isolated incident. Damian Thompson, a Daily Telegraph Editor and resident “blood-crazed ferret” as described by The Church Times joined the furore and claimed that gang culture “is broadly tolerated by many people in the black community, which has lost control of its teenage youths”.

Not content with this offensive statement he then continues by characterising the entire English Riots as a majority African phenomenon, backing up Starkey’s incorrect assertions with claims that “we are seeing a lot of black faces on our screens tonight; it’s a shame that the spotlight can’t also fall on those white multiculturalists who made this outrage possible.”

For these and many other opponents of multiculturalism, the English riots are a perfect opportunity to point the finger of blame at ‘foreigners’ whose very presence let alone the language they use spoils a mythical virtuous haven of ‘whiteness’ in a green and pleasant land.

Prime Minister David Cameron was quick to feed this frenzy. His deliberate choice to characterise the English Riots as ‘mindless criminality’ driven in the main by amoral gangs when even his British Police officers reject this assessment reveals a finger pointing agenda designed to deflect any responsibility from government.

Cheerleaders for white supremacy: Tony Sewell, Katharine Birbalsingh and David Lammy

Selfish adults damage childhood

In the mind of these politicians and like minded media commentators the overwhelming number of non-African participants in first the London Uprising and then the English Riots do not exist. Indeed when confronted with incontrovertible evidence proving otherwise they exclaim but those “whites have turned black”.

Starkey, Thompson and Cameron backed by the British mainstream media which has a simple view on this. In their delusional world ‘white’ people do not riot, they protest and ‘black’ people do not protest they loot.

It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous.

They choose not to see that the benefits of yielding to the communal cooperative family values of African culture and instead maintain the aggressive imposition of British culture with its rampant materialism and demand for mass assimilation into the “destructive, nihilistic gangster culture” of Britishness is the only route to ‘success’.

However there is no evidence that this is true. In fact, what we have is definitive proof that it is Britishness and not multiculturalism that has failed.

In May 2011, a report from Save the Children placed the UK in the bottom half of an international league table of developed countries for “well-being” in childhood. This comes on the back of a damning UNICEF report in 2007 that exposed the UK as failing its children after it came bottom of a league table for child well-being across twenty one industrialised countries. The authors of the report who accused Britain of possessing a “dog-eat-dog” culture looked at various indicators including poverty, family relationships, and health.

Yet despite the warnings and an open opportunity to implement change by political leaders there were no improvements and two years later a report from the Children's Society based on a three-year inquiry revealed that the wellbeing of millions of children across Britain was being damaged by the selfish and aggressive pursuit of adults' for personal success admist a culture of “excessive individualism”. Is it any wonder two years later, with such toxic leadership that some of the young and largely unemployed children of England would rise up in a summer of discontent.

In the months to come it will be important to keep an eye on those commentators and also those opportunistic Africans who support repugnant white supremacist views. Starkey who has begun a fight back to restore his wrecked credibility has already enlisted the words of so called ‘black’ educationalists Tony Sewell and Katharine Birbalsingh who broadly agree with his odious assertions.

In fact ‘white’ nationalists are so pleased with the direction Starkey has diverted the debate that some are seeking to make him an honorary member.

And therein lays the problem. Yesteryears racist was easy to identify, they had skin heads called themselves the NF or BNP and aspired to owning and eventually mastering a Texas Instruments ‘Speak and Spell’ simulator. Today’s neo-racist is often like Starkey, in possession of door opening academic credentials, bestowed with honours from the British Empire (OBE), suited, privileged and often invited to pontificate on topics they actually know very little about irrespective of ethnicity.

These are the proponents of a dangerous new neo-racism, one where white is always right and it is now legitimate to shoot down and incarcerate Africans who are now deemed surplus to labour requirements.

Toyin Agbetu is a writer, film director, poet, and founder of Ligali, the pan African human rights based organisation.

Toyin Agbetu

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In the delusional world of politicians and mainstream British media - ‘white’ people do not riot, they protest and ‘black’ people do not protest they loot. It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Toyin Agbetu, The Ligali Organisation

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