Harrow Mayor to launch British Black Music Month 2014

By Kwaku | Tue 20 May 2014

Mayor Cllr Nana Asante and Mayoress Awula Serwah

This year, British Black Music Month (BBMM), the annual Music Congress (BBM/BMC) initiative, launches as part of Harrow Mayor Cllr Nana Asante’s Community Open Day on May 31 at the Harrow Civic Centre.

Started in 2006, BBMM takes place throughout June into mid-July. BBMM offers an opportunity to celebrate domestic black music, discuss issues, better understand the music industry, and network. It’s not aimed exclusively at Africans or music industry professionals.

The launch which includes a panel-less debate entitled 'Should British Black Music Be Concerned About Social Issues?', a discussion on diversity and racial justice, a seminar on setting up a legal web radio station, film screenings, and a quiz, closes with a live rundown by Sound Fusion Radio presenters of The Top 20 Most Favourite British Black Music Tracks, as voted by BBM/BMC subscribers.

There will also be stalls selling CDs and vinyl records, arts and crafts; networking opportunities especially for small businesses and community organisations, Story telling and a crafts workshop for young people.

It is a free family friendly event, although donations which will go to the Mayor’s charities Flash Musicals and Harrow Community Choir are welcome. The same applies for the Harrow Mayor's Social/Fundraiser, which takes place at the same venue, the following week, Saturday June 7, 7-10.30pm. DJs Prezedent and KMT will play exclusively British black music tracks to mark BBMM2014.

For more details:

British Black Month Music

BBMM Events

In addition to a Monday weekly broadcast on Brent Community Radio, film maker and community educator Toyin Agbetu’s latest feature documentary ‘Beauty Is…’, which examines what it means to be attractive when viewed through the topic of hair, skin shade, body image and character, has been added to this Saturday’s Harrow Mayor’s Community Open Day programme at north London’s Harrow Civic Centre.

This special matinee screening during the mid term holidays is aimed at families. Accordingly, although the Open Day is free, there is a £10 charge per adult, but they must be accompanied by a child or youth who have free entry. The screening starts at 1pm, followed by a Q&A with Toyin and author Kandace Chimbiri.

Booking must be made via Eventbrite:

An added attraction to the Family Fun Day strand is Jay Rawlings, who is known as ‘Walkabout Magician’. He’s guaranteed to delight children and families with his close-contact magical skills.

The Open Day also consists of a Community Fair including Black Music Records & African Crafts & Fair, Who I Am & What I Do Networking, and the launch of British Black Music Month (BBMM) 2014.

The BBMM launch includes ‘London & The Great British Black Music Quiz’; ‘Sounds Like London: 100 Years Of Black Music In London’ reading and Q&A with author Lloyd Bradley; screening of ‘Soul Searching’ (1981) and ‘Let The Music Talk’ (1991), which precedes the Addressing Diversity & Racial Equality seminar led by ‘Let the Music Talk’ director/producer Yvonne Deutschman and The Monitoring Group director Suresh Grover; a panel-less debate entitled 'Should British Black Music Be Concerned About Social Issues?'; plus a seminar on Running A legal Web Radio Station with Fusion Sound Radio, who will end the last hour by playing the Top 20 Most Favourite British Black Music Tracks.

BBBMM2014 continues until July 26. For more details:, or

British Black Music Month 2014 Events

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