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Redefining Matriarchy is required to oppose Patriarchy

By The Ligali Organisation, posted Thu 14 July 2016

Toyin Agbetu argues that true Matriarchy is not obsessed with ruling men and maintaining white supremacy.

The Centre of Pan African Thought hosts electrifying debate on Reinstating Matriarchy at Swedenborg Hall.

A debate on Reinstating Matriarchy thrilled audiences who overwhelmingly voted for the motion. Arguments for and against were presented by debaters Toyin Agbetu, Victoria Inyang-Talbot, Jo Dash, Neferatiti Ife and Maeve Crawford moderated by host Claire Clottey.

The debate hosted by Claire Clottey heard contributions from Victoria Inyang-Talbot, Jo Dash, Neferatiti Ife, Maeve Crawford and Toyin Agbetu.

Pan Africanism in Action

The Centre of Pan African Thought regularly hosts debates and workshops designed to encourage and nurture progressive community thinking and action.

An audience member makes a powerful contribution

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