Galaxy FM rising to top London community radio stations

By Ligali Media Network | Mon 6 March 2006

The London based community radio station Galaxy FM soared to new heights with live listeners from across the Continent and Diaspora sending in messages of support to the station.

The station often nicknamed the ‘debrainwashing’ station after Ngugi wa Thiong’o superb book ‘Decolonizing the Mind’ has steadily built a reputation for hard hitting analysis and debate from an uncompromisingly Africentric perspective. Now with an online audience via The Bongo Tetteh Interactive Talk Show co-hosted by presenter Bro Omowale is one of the many flagship programmes redefining Sunday afternoon as primetime African Talk Radio.

Synonymous with community politics

The station renown for its conscious output has become synonymous with community politics. It hosts some of the most influential community shows for those wishing to speak direct to the African community especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoon when our community is traditionally underserved with Africentric, intelligent debate. With regular contributions from presenter Kwaku Bonsu the station also interviews guests with opposing political agendas from conscious community activists to the controversial Mayor of London’s Equality Advisor Lee Jasper.

The Bongo Tetteh Interactive Talk Show (with Bro Omowale) every Sunday 12pm to 3pm

Listen to community debate on Galaxy every Saturday morning - 10.00am to 12.00 pm

Galaxy FM 99.5 / 102.5FM

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Galaxy FM is the ‘debrainwashing’ station named after Ngugi wa Thiong’o superb book ‘Decolonizing the Mind’ for hard hitting analysis and debate from an uncompromisingly Africentric perspective.

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As community debate programmes hosted by narcissistic presenters on both licensed and some unlicensed community stations dumb down the talk and increase the entertainment level, a solid hardcore of dedicated presenters working for no pay avoid the tabloid topics to deal with the real issues that are effecting our community both here and at home.

Other quality and consistently Africentric shows based in London;

Kubara Zamani @ Nubiart - Sound Radio 1503AM and – Wed 8-10 PM / Friday 10-11 PM

Reality Talks/Bro Hakim @ Sweet FM (89.4FM) - Tuesday 8-10 PM

Talking Africa @ Spectrum: 558 AM/MW and – Sat 12 noon - 1 pm

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