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Speak Out! - Maafa denial continues in 2010

Should Maafa denial be a crime in African countries?

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In all world atrocities the act of people selling out their own (double agents) is a human-nature part and parcel fact of the atrocity yet somehow when it comes to Africans involved in selling Africans this is continually used as justification not only for the atrocity itself but also for the absence of an apology. Therefore the rule to the game must be exploitation is legal. Personally I want claim to nothing my people built as slaves when collectively there is nothing we can't achieve when free yet we continue to wait for others to turn their cheek while we dwell on Breadline Britain excuses as to why we cannot do for self. After all this time, if the collective advancement of Africans is in the hands of the oppressor then roll on the next 500 years.

Sizzla Kolonji,
Wed 6 January 2010, 7:28 pm

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