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Speak Out! - Opinion: How Starkey led the rise of neo-racism in Britain

Have you noticed an increase in anti-African media since the London Uprisings and English Riots? Are Starkey & his supporters right to absolve the UK’s “dog-eat-dog” values of blame & instead focus on ‘black’ culture and a “wholly false” Jamaican patois?

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The racist so-called mass media aren't meant to show anything postive than their negavities against African people. As for David Starkey with his worthlessly claims that when his own kind speak patois, then we are to blame. First off, we know our people were involved in the uprisings, but non-Africans were doing it attacks, during the uprisings, weren't they? So, when these people come with their pathetic and crackpot attacks such as David Starkey, they have nothing to offer.

Kwame P. Aboagye, E15
Thu 26 April 2012, 3:34 pm

The sad reality is the powers that be know people/mankind are superficial in general and will see and take things at face value. Institutionalised racism is the heartbeat of western media and human nature dictates superficial people black and white will only see what it says on the tin. Most whites are just as ignorant to certain deeper realities as blacks.

Mon 22 August 2011, 9:04 am

These riots took place in areas of England where there are a lot of African people and Asian people living. Despite the fact that White people took part in the riots as well, it is Black people who are getting the blame, and also the Black community getting blamed because it can't keep its young people under control. These rioters are following the dog-eat-dog values espoused by Western Capitalism, i.e. take what you want and don't give a damn about who you take it from, imperialists know a lot about that. Since when has black culture been about guns and violence? Starkey knows that the west has got what it wants through guns and violence. Those at the top have committed acts of financial criminality, received huge sums of taxpayers money and are allowed to go on committing more crimes and are allowed to get away with it, while those at the bottom are criticised, arrested and jailed. The elites are laughing their heads off.

Sun 21 August 2011, 6:57 pm

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