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Speak Out! - Thousands of Africans unite for Reparations March 2014

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The event cements my thoughts that the Rastafari movement has long been one of our principle organisations in terms of unifying towards a cause. We MUST follow this up through our own individual action

Fluid, Leeds
Thu 7 August 2014, 12:35 pm

I am sure there are many non Africans sympathetic to the cause but we don't need sympathy It's not about people feeling sorry for us our feeling sorry for ourselves. Just like the freedom fighters of days gone, it is vital the effort does not get hijacked by some modern day Wilberforce seeking fame in the babylon history books. A slave/bubu needs to be freed. An African was never a slave or a bubu. Recouping what was lost during times of bondage is a must. Assimilation is for those freed.

Wed 6 August 2014, 3:50 pm

There was an initial fear this would turn out like a Burning Spear dance with 90% white people attending. The spectacle of African Kings, Queens, Emperors and Empresses was truly humbling. It is imperative the plight is approached as dignified Africans exercising and demanding what is humanely rightfully theirs and expose the animals like Blair who use poli-tricks to depict us as begging them for bread. Only a slave/bubu will beg babylon for what is already theirs.

Wed 6 August 2014, 3:41 pm

2 things encouraged my presence. 1st the knowledge we are seen as dumb animals cerebrally incapable of dealing with a plight using 'legal or democratic' tools. It's strategically important hypocrites like Tony Blair are exposed for what they are by using their own system to do it. With no riot, terrorism or multi-cultural carnival to feed on the media white-out is significant testament to this end. 2nd the recognition such an historical event could not be missed.

Wed 6 August 2014, 3:28 pm

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