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Speak Out! - Strutt & Parker advert attracts complaints about racism

Does this advert promote racist stereotypes?

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Racism provides too many a readymade excuse to hide behind. The majority of our women are no closer to being africentric than goldilocks. Back in Africa many slaves in the caribbean were probably selling their own before eventually being sold themselves which is why even today they're still selling their children to the queen of england for personal gain. We really need to rid the world of white racism just to see what excuse we come up with next to disguise how much we love it in babylon.

Sat 20 December 2014, 1:44 pm

Context is a serious thing. From another perspective we'd be the first to say we are a more spiritual people expressed in dance and music where the focus of others is more about money. Indeed the way the game is being played now even greys will be first in line to say that's the actual stereotype being playing here.

Wed 26 November 2014, 8:02 pm

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