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Ligali's Nyansapo PCU is a community education platform dedicated to the mix of formal and informal means of teaching and learning.

We adopt a collaborative approach to sharing and creating knowledge that reaches inside and outside the school and university system.

We are currently developing a Maafa Studies and Community Activism course that will use the three R's below to guide the what, why and how of our program. 

Remember or Repeat

Difficult to talk about histories are deliberately excluded from education, the media and public narratives meaning preventable crimes and moral tragedies are often repeated. This occurs when the circumstances and conditions that led to the original problems have been forgotten by too many.

Research for Justice

It is important to locate, archive and share any evidence that will help our social justice causes. Gossip, conspiracy theories and misinformation does not help. Research can be in the form of a book or article explaining the issue that uses credible sources, a letter from an exploitative organisation, an email from an aggressive council to a video footage of a person/s who is being victimised. Research is an essential process for securing justice.

Racism Is Real

Afriphobia (anti-‘black’ racism) is a plague. Poisonous ideologies like racism and sexism negatively impacts on the lives of everybody in this world. Claims that the world is becoming more ‘post-racial’ are usually promoted from those who benefit from white supremacy. Until overt and structural systems of racist and sexist oppression is destroyed there can be no peace or justice for anyone.

Repair through Reparation

Reparation is not compensation. There is no quick fix to repairing the immense physical, spiritual, political and psychological damage that has inflicted on African people and other minority communities by enslavement, colonialism and the poisonous ideologies of imperialist oppression. The damage took hundreds of years to occur, the solution will take several hundreds of years to repair.