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A Cupboard Full of Coats

08 July 2012

It’s been fourteen years since Jinx\'s mother was brutally stabbed to death in their home in East London. Then, out of nowhere, Lemon arrives on her doorstep. An old friend of her mother’s, he wants to revisit the events leading to that terrible night. Over the course of one weekend they strip away the layers of the past to lay bare a story full of jealousy and tragic betrayal. Narrated with a distinct and fiery spice, Jinx and Lemon must find their own paths to redemption in this stunning debut novel.

Theatre: # I Am England

29 August 2011

Talawa Young Peoples’s Theatre (TYPT) are exploring twenty five years of Black British history and the current social shifts to create a brand new piece of theatre, #I am England.

Book: A Book of Blues

29 August 2011

The blues speak of many things, most of all love. In these contemporary, often humorous and frequently surprising stories, Courttia Newland s collection of family, friends, lovers and strangers endeavour to navigate a world where love presents as many obstacles as opportunities.

Book: Music for the Off-Key

25 July 2011

Twelve macabre short stories

Music: Ori Ire

23 June 2011

Every now and then an album is released that defies classification. Its vibrations spiritual enough to move you, but its content too rich to belong to any predefined genre. Ori Ire by Kevin ‘Ifaleke’ Haynes and Groupo Elegua is one such album.

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