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Book: Which Way Africa? The Search for a New Society

08 August 2010

Being an Africentric organisation it is not often that Ligali reviews works by non-Africans nor is it a habit we feel the need or desire to do so. Yet following the recent passing of Basil Davidson, the well known writer on historical Pan African affairs it seemed right we should mark his death with the reintroduction of one of his best if least known books. Which Way Africa? is a brave works. In many ways it could only have been written by a european who had acquired the courage to expose himself to the barbarity of his own clan and as a result acquire the humanity to critique and appraise Pan African affairs through an informed and ‘active’ observatory lens.

Book: The Bluest Eye

02 August 2010

Is beauty really only skin deep if the world we occupy behaves as if it is? Toni Morrison explores the reality for an African family living in America at a time when segregation, ‘white’ supremacy ideology and its supporting overt racist apartheid system was embraced and proudly acknowledged ‘as American as apple pie’.

Book: The Maãt Mystery

23 July 2010

“The Maãt Mystery is a journey of discovery through the human mindscape, plumbing the depths of individual and collective depravity, degradation and self-destruction and scaling the heights of supreme enlightenment. This is a pilgrimage through time and space, spanning three continents. Our quest begins in Europe, with Carol and Hans. In North America we meet the mysterious Aiysha, Fundisi the Teacher and Shango. In Africa, we experience the marvellous, ancient wisdom of Nenen Haiti and learn to see the modern world with different eyes. This word vision is also a sexpense thriller with real people such as George, the unfortunate victim and Gertrude, the “rude gal”, dealing with life’s ordinary issues in extraordinary ways. Laugh and cry, live and die with these key characters as they interact with each other, continuing their personal quests for fulfilment, seeking, among other things: acceptance, identity, knowledge, love, material acquisitions, power, more power, sexual satisfaction and vengeance. Please note that it is not suitable for children. It can also have a dramatic effect on how you, the adult, sees the world and your place in it. Some people may be shocked, offended or even reoriented by some of the language, events, ideas and concepts expressed.” An extract from the introduction by the author

Book: Essay Contest for Children of African Descent 2009

04 January 2010

Children of African descent have few avenues for giving their point of view on contemporary issues. Over the last four years, the Essay Contest for Children of African Descent has encouraged and supported children from eight to sixteen to write on some of the challenging issues affecting them. This book shares some of their thoughts, opinions, dreams and aspirations.

Book: The Beautiful Black Afrikan People Went for a Walk

04 January 2010

Have you ever wondered how it is that there are so many different people in the world, with so many different coloured skins? Well, this is the story of how so many different people, with so many different coloured skins came to be in the world.

Book: Vircheu and the Bow

17 December 2009

This is the story about a young boys’ curious journey towards adulthood under the guidance of his father. Vircheu wants to become a Master Bowman like his father but first he must master patience and humilty.

Book: Kwaku and his Hearing Aid

17 December 2009

This is a story about a boy who everyone thought did not listen to others as learn he has a disability of which not even he is are of.

Bata Ceremonial Drumming Celebration

23 August 2009

Ebge Ilu Oduniyi Ceremonial Bata drummers and Orisha singers ensemble

Play: Iya-lle (The First Wife)

11 June 2009

The Adeyemi family is back in this prequel to the ground breaking play The Estate.

Book: Two Thousand Seasons

11 June 2009

“Our way is reciprocity. The way is wholeness. Our way knows no oppression. The way destroys oppression.”

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