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Today is:

Book: Three Continents, One History

25 July 2008

An authoritative examination of the history and links between Birmingham, the Caribbean and the enslavement of African people.

Music: Ledisi - Lost and Found

24 May 2008

Neo Soul CD

Theatre: Celia

17 May 2008

A play by Richard Nyeila about enslavement, rape, resistance and freedom.

Book: Parables of Milk and Might

11 May 2008

Development Political Satire by Author RAN

Music: Conya Doss: Still...

11 May 2008

Neo Soul CD

Theatre: Statement of Regret

16 January 2008

An authentic and challenging piece of drama that through the provocative use of culturally accessible African British stereotypes successfully addresses issues affecting both Africans from the continent and those in the Diaspora. By Kwame Kwei-Armah.

The Last Slave

11 March 2007

Channel 4's cynical and offensive attempt to present a revisionist verison of history that blames Africans for the Maafa

TV: Shoot the Messenger

05 July 2006

On the surface, Shoot the Messenger (initially titled F*ck ‘black’ people) is the tale of one man’s journey to blame his entire community for his own misfortunes after the misguided actions of a few. However, just beneath the surface of this superficial evaluation lies the compromised vision of both the author, Sharon Foster and lead actor, David Oyelowo which reveals that the purpose of the comedy drama is to deny the persistent pernicious nature of British racism by characterising the African community in the UK as apathetic, steeped in a blame culture and whose only method of empowerment is to play the ‘race card’ and ‘blame slavery’.

Divide and Rule - Part 1

26 May 2006

African identity, "black" identity and the British media (Diane Abbott)

Divide and Rule - Part 2 (The Politics Show)

21 May 2006

African identity, "black" identity and the British media (Lola Ayonrinde)

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