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Reclaiming Martin Luther King

22 March 2006

Using their Malcolm v Martin debate as the backdrop, Ligali founder, Toyin Agbetu answers Simon Woolley of OBV and explains why African human rights activists must prevent those without the stomach for change from abusing the legacy of Martin Luther King

Institutional Racism and the British Media

28 January 2006

The British media exposes its racist core in a belligerent attempt to prove itself not institutionally racist.

The Retreat of Reason: Media attack on political correctness used to denigrate African Britons

05 January 2006

2006 has begun with the continuation of the national debate reignited by BBC Radio 4 on political correctness being used as an excuse for failure by African communities.

Sentamu, the UK’s first African British archbishop

27 December 2005

Why is a Ugandan born man not referred to as an African but as a ‘black’? (Answer: Because he allows it)

The Guardian – Unveiling the Paper’s Right Wing Core

04 December 2005

The Guardian newspaper continues to perpetuate and reaffirm erroneous, detrimental and offensive stereotypes of African people.

Birmingham Clashes: Media reports the truth, the whole truth and anything but..

01 November 2005

Recently there has been a plethora of debate programmes discussing anything but the true circumstances leading to the tensions and recent clashes in Birmingham.

Guardian: Promoting jail and gangsta rap as a positive career move

04 September 2005

Why the Guardian believes promoting gangsta rap and a career in jail is compelling journalism

Katrina: Africans in America face trial by racist media

02 September 2005

US prioritises protecting property with shoot to kill orders over rescuing African lives

The Empire Pays Back

15 August 2005

Trial by media: The case for African reparations (Part 1)

Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich

15 August 2005

Trial by media: The case for African reparations (Part 2)

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